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Our comprehensive professional services include:

Plan Design

Taking into account the benefit and contribution objectives, budget constraints, and tax implications, we individually design and submit for approval a customized plan document. This plan document, necessary to qualify employee and/or employer contributions will be relied upon by Plan Sponsors for all aspects of related pension law.


Our highly trained staff of consultants, actuaries and administrators utilizes state-of-the-art methods and technology in order to provide quality service to our clients, their CPAs, attorneys, and financial advisors. Each year, we provide our clients with annual mandatory and/or optional contribution levels. Generally, the contribution objectives will be tailored toward the company owners and in some plans, favored employees.

Non-discrimination Testing

No matter what type of plan is installed, each Plan Year, we must examine certain contribution allocations or retirement benefit accruals for non-discrimination in favor of highly compensated employees. These regulations tend to be very complex and our experts are trained to determine these tests, report results, and determine solutions in the event that certain tests are not satisfied. It is very important that the plan remain in compliance in order to maintain its “qualified” or tax-exempt status.


As the economy changes, population of employee workforce within each company shifts, retirement objectives alternate, and new legislation is passed by the government. We will carefully review each plan to ensure that it remains the most appropriate and optimal design for each of our clients. If necessary, we will meet personally with each client to ensure full understanding.

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